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Being a practical sort of artist, I decided to study graphic design at the University of the Arts London after moving across the pond to Great Britain. I started out as a print designer and eventually landed a job at BBC South Television creating graphics for the news. It was a fairly prestigious (and stressful) position to attain, but after 12 years I finally gave it up and returned to New York.

In some ways I will always be "betwixt and between" as I love England and feel a deep and abiding kinship to the country, the people, the history and the humor, but in the end – I felt a deeper need to come home.

After all that work producing graphics that no one watched while they concentrated on consuming their dinners, I also felt the need to fulfill a more meaningful side to my life.
I studied painting at the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture on 8th Street in Greenwich Village, and was eventually to study visual arts education, as a means to keeping my art alive and as a pathway to giving something back.

I teach painting, drawing and 2-D Design at colleges, private schools etc...and I have taught in art centers, private studios, and in independent and public schools.

The teaching feeds the work, and the work feeds the teaching. I find it a blissfully gratifying place to be.

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